New Tropical Trio
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Introducing a new line 
100% all-natural wax candles that are hand poured and designed to burn completely and cleanly with virtually no soot. The wicks are lead free, core free (no zinc) and are made from 100% cotton.
Fragrances all have an island feel and stay strong throughout the burn of the candle. You will fall in love with our Island Candles.  A perfect addition to soothe and harmonize the mood while using our body, hair and skin care products!

Natural ingredient products that are specially formulated to restore the natural balance of moisture body.


Our products leave your skin fresh, toned, glowing and healthy.


You will feel like you have spent a day at a Hawaiian spa!


All products are made from the most natural and purest ingredients, and are never tested on animals.


Made with our true aloha and love for the body,

we have created our products just for you with a splash!


Body Care

Spa Organic products specifically formulated to restore the natural moisture on your body.

Our products soothes the body from head to toe! - Like a day at a Hawaiian spa!

Body wash, scrub and lotion.  Rich formulars improve texture and smoothness and leaves your skin silky smooth. 

You will feel invigorated, like you soent the day at a Hawaiian spa!

Say aloha to the islands' finest advanced natural

body care products!

Soap bars are non-toxic, and made with organic vegetable oils. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, polyethylene glycols (PEGs), polypropylene glycols (PPG), diethanolamine (DEA), and mineral oil compounds. 

We use only certified organic based oils, and scent our soap bars with high-quality essential oils and plant extracts.  We color our soap bars with natural colorants ~ organic herbs, herbal extracts, clays and natural components from the earth.


Soap Bars